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so long, goodbye, good night [06 Jul 2006|05:01pm]


Yes, it is true - the writing is on the wall. It is time for us to part ways... to end this ride on a high note.

We've accomplished enough to make us happy: we've connected with people in 12 states on 2 coasts, many many cities and a thousand tiny bars & cafes. We are proud to have shared the stage with some truely amazing musicians. We've spoken for those who couldn't speak, we've made you laugh, dance, cry and sing along. We truely hope you've had as much fun as we've had.

Olivia Warnecke (for inspiration), Fruit Lamp Records, Kimberly Chun & SF Bay Gaurdian, Raul Sanchez & Nathan Moomaw, Simone Rubi & the Speisekammer (Alameda), House of Shields (SF), Café DuNord (SF), Deb Zeller & the Make Out Room (SF), Amnesia (SF), Juli in Arcata (for the spaghetti), Jordaan Mason/Shelby Sifers & Oh Map Records, Jon Fojtik, Jake Thomas at SF Indie, Annie & 12 Galaxies (SF), Amoeba Records, Daniela & Kris (for the rehearsal space!), Ashod & Panty Lions/The Ship, Sky & Levator, Diane in Reno, Roger & Cool Waves, Dean & Tomihira (for your enthusiasm), PacificNoise.com, Kylie & Anthony, Loquat, Fort Oregon (Berkeley), Playing In Fog, Allison Milham/Caldera, Adam & Desa, Damien Jurado, Fake French, Sharon Senser & Ian, Mama Buzz Cafe (Oakland), Jonathan Richman (for teaching us dirty jokes), Bonnie Burton (core!), Ian & Jim Yoshii Pile Up, Hotel Utah (SF), Scissors For Lefty (for getting us our first SF show), Christina Guerra & Alex, KALX (Berkeley), Kristin Cofer (& Bryce), Mates of State, Scott McChane (for your wonderful ears), Kit & Jakki Kohler, Barbara Manning (for the sage advice), Olivia Coelho, Kevin & Allyson Seconds (for believing in us), Radio Cure, Anna & Amanda & Michelle & Stacy (for dancing to every song), Rachel Leibrock & the Sacramento Bee, David Houston, Jay Shaner, Erik & Sarah Hanson, The Cassidys, Jackson Griffith (for understanding us), Red Square (Sacramento), Brian McKenna, Phill Mamula, Le Fun (Sacramento), Amber Kloss (for making us laugh), Becca Costello & the Sac. News & Review, Natalie Gordon, Christopher Fairman, Art Luna, Kali, The Beat Records, Boy Tiger (for everything), Chicolist.com, Nice Monster, Mason Lindahl, Ruebi Freyja, Christian Kiefer (for the backhanded compliments), Tower Records, Faster Faster (& Heather), Dusty Brown, Dave Middleteon & Julie Myers, Nick Berry, Blake Hartshorn, Erin Sierchio, Coach Katy, Adam & Danielle Varona (for letting us record an album in your garage), Chelsea Wolfe, Roger @ Lipstick, Sarah Locher (for your sweet sweet cello), Vic, The True Love Coffeehouse (Sacramento), KDVS (Davis), KWOD (Sacramento), KSSU (Sacramento), Eric Fate, Sandra Giarde, Hilary Richardson & Xander (for the cookies), the Underground Café (Roseville), KLSU, Rob & Tammy Mulhearn/Secret Annexe (for the endless endless), Ross Beach & The Hellpets, Jodi Hates The World, Lunas (Sacramento) Moxies (Chico), Café Roma (Davis), The Earl (Atlanta), Mermaid Lounge (New Orleans), The Hi Ho (New Orleans), Daily Grind (Baton Rouge), The Bayou (Baton Rouge, r.i.p.), Serendipity (Redding), The Fat Cat (Modesto), Red Star (Baton Rouge), The Spanish Moon (Baton Rouge), The Skylight Exchange (Chapel Hill), The Towne Lounge (Portland), the Jewelbox Theater (Seattle), RC & the Mainzer Theater (Merced), KCPR, Adam Planche, Joe Judy, Slobot, Jata & The Kenmores, Sam & Noah, Dena Gerbrecht, The Awareness Program, Mitchell Gruich, Vernon Fuscello, The Allums Family, The Mulhearn Family... and anyone who ever bought our little cds, came to our shows, let us crash on their floor, told a friend about us, or played us on their radio show/podcast/home stereo/iPod. Special thanks to anyone we forgot to list. We love you all and will miss you dearly! Laissez les bon temps rouler!
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video and pictures [23 May 2006|03:34pm]


Did you miss our big show at Cafe DuNord last week? Well check out this video (about 4 minutes long) provided by the kind folks at Pacific Noise - a few snippets of songs and an interview... For more live videos of Bay Area bands, visit www.pacificnoise.com!

We've started a scrapbook of Estereo's adventures over the last few years. Feel free to send me any pics you'd like to contribute, and how we should credit you!
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tonight - SF [15 May 2006|10:08am]

Monday May 15
Cafe Du Nord & Amoeba Music present:

Conspiracy Of Beards
Jeremy Brown

8pm, FREE!
2170 Market St.

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[18 Apr 2006|12:11pm]

Make Out Room - SF
We're playing a very special show at the Make Out Room in San Francisco tomorrow night. It's an acoustic showcase brought to you by the SF Bay Gaurdian... more details below. Hope to see you there.

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Sacramento! [28 Mar 2006|11:38am]

That's right... we are coming back through Sacramento next week. If you like, please feel free to take this flyer and post it where you can (just not on city property - poles, utility boxes etc).

We can also email the full-size version to you, and reimburse you for any printing costs. Thank you in advance... we can't wait to see you guys again!
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[16 Mar 2006|01:58pm]

hey gang - just a quck update. we've been laying low for the moment, but we've got some exciting shows for you in April, namely:

Thursday April 6 - at Mama Buzz (Oakland) w/ Petracovich
Friday April 7 - at Luna's (Sacramento) w/ Julie Meyers & Levi Fuller
Wednesday April 19 - at Make Out Room (San Francisco) Penny Arcade!

I should be DJing a night at House of Shields very soon. Stay tuned...
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[27 Feb 2006|05:58pm]

Whoa. Long time no update!

- You can view several lovely pics from our Winter tour up north at our MySpace blog. I think there's photos from each town we visited, and a few adventures in between.

- tomorrow night, Julie and I will be playing a special Mardi Gras acoustic show at our new home in Oakland, Mama Buzz Cafe. Its a free show, all ages. Full details below!

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[14 Jan 2006|12:53pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Estereo @ Red SquareCollapse )
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[12 Jan 2006|11:08am]

Modesto on Tuesday was interesting. It was just Sonny, Julie and I... so we were trying to play with our dynamics more, which is hard to do in a club with a MegaSuperProSoundSystem 2000. Thanks for having us!

Tonight is Sacramento! We're excited to come back and show ya'll where we've been and where we're headed. Feel free to pick up this week's News & Review; we're the music pick of the week!

Here's the flyer. Feel free to bring a friend!

pics from last night's show in OaklandCollapse )
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january 2006 [18 Dec 2005|03:06pm]


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[12 Dec 2005|06:23pm]

new recordings, mp3
... are just about mixed and ready. Here's a rough mix of a song written for my dad. Enjoy!

Cowboys (mp3)

tour - flyer help!?!
If you live in the following cities that we'll be visiting this January... we need a few warm bodies to post flyers for our shows. They'll be simple black & white, letter-sized thingies. We'll email it to ya, then you can print as many as you like and post them. In return, we'll give you a new CD, and chocolate! Reply here, on MySpace, or shoot us an email. Thank you sooo much!

Modesto CA
Oakland CA*
Sacramento CA
Eureka CA
Arcata CA
Portland OR
Seattle WA

* we don't really need anyone for Oakland... we live there!
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[23 Nov 2005|11:45am]

next Saturday, we're all piling into Julie's pink house in West Oakland to record some of our newer songs. hopefully we'll have another little EP for ya next year!

Receiver gallery/Poketo opening
Saturday Dec 10
Receiver Gallery
1314 8th Avenue at Irving, San Francisco, CA
Lovely and amazing art opening for the LA-based art collective, Poketo. It will feature a handful of their artists from the Bay Area, as well as a few from the East Coast. I will be playing a few solo sets and dj-ing. all ages. free.
Here's the flyer! Read more...Collapse )

January 2006 tour dates
Tu Jan 10 - Modesto CA, the Fat Cat
We Jan 11 - Oakland CA, Mama Buzz Cafe
Thu Jan 12 - Sacramento CA, Red Square
Fri Jan 13 - Arcata CA, the Maverick Lair
Sat Jan 14 - Portland OR, Towne Lounge
Sun Jan 15 - Seattle WA, Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater
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[09 Nov 2005|03:05pm]

Friday - hurricane relief at CSU East Bay
Friday Nov 11
Carlos Bee Blvd - Music Building, Hayward, CA
Multicultural benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina relief! 5pm - 9pm. all ages. $5 to $10 sliding scale donations. Live performances by: Varsha Saxena, JC Rodrigo, Natalie Amaya, Estereo, Flamespittaz, Polynesian Dancers and more!

new shows added
Thursday Nov 17
Fort Oregon
1911 Oregon Street at MLK, Berkeley, CA
Super awesome all ages show at Fort Oregon! with Drew Danburry (Provo UT), Aubrey Debauchery (Chico), Holding Jason Morphew Holding Merle Haggard (SF). Bring a friend. 1911 Oregon Street at MLK, just look for all the TVs out front! $4 cover.

(here's the flyer)

Saturday Dec 10
Receiver Gallery - Poketo.com Opening
1314 8th Avenue at Irving, San Francisco, CA
Lovely and amazing art opening for the Poketo collective. Skip will be playing a few solo sets and dj-ing. all ages. free. www.receivergallery.com
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saturday - chico [02 Nov 2005|11:16am]

hi kids!

we're heading up to Chico CA for a lovely all ages show with our labelmate BOY TIGER. this show happens to be a CD RELEASE PARTY for Boy Tiger's new EP. please tell a friend!

fruit lamp records presents:

Saturday Nov 5 - Chico

365 E. Sixth Street, between Plume & Orient
7pm, free (donations accepted), all ages

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this friday in san francisco [18 Oct 2005|12:46pm]

meet a few bands from the FRUIT LAMP roster!

interesting facts:
- hummingbirds can't walk.
- the infamous Li Po Lounge, located at 916 Grant & Washington in Chinatown, is named for an 8th Century Chinese poet.
- some asteroids have other asteroids orbiting them.
- the show is at a bar, but if you arrive between 8 and 9pm, you won't get carded.
- in its ancient form the carrot was purple, not orange.
- FRUIT LAMP will be giving away free sampler cds all night
- most cell phone anntenae have no purpose, other than to make people believe that flipping up a 2-inch attenna will give them better reception. they are not connected to any circuitry.
- Seattle FRUIT LAMPers Levator & Jodi Hates The World will not be in attendance, but you'll hear new music from their upcoming releases.
- what will you find if you shave a tiger of its striped fur? striped skin.
- the show starts around 9ish, and costs $5.
- apples are 25% air.
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October shows! [05 Oct 2005|11:04am]

Sunday 10/16/2005 San Francisco
12 Galaxies
Mission @ 22nd
SF Indie presents: benefit for Gulf Coast disaster relief.
The Mothballs, Conspiracy of Beards, Estereo and a few djs!
9pm, 21+, donations

Friday 10/21/2005 San Francisco
Li Po Lounge
916 Grant Ave (at Washington) Chinatown
Fruit Lamp Records Launch Party!
Estereo, Scott McChane, Halcyon High, Boy Tiger
9pm, $5
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[29 Sep 2005|06:24pm]

tomorrow, sonny and i are heading up to Arcata for the weekend, to play some shows and maybe do some Bigfoot hunting.

we're playing an acoustic show on friday, and a bigger show on campus on saturday... here's all the info, if you'd like to forward to any friends you have up there, we'd be forever indebted:

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[27 Sep 2005|02:05pm]


under the covers
we've recorded nine very slow covers, and we will be selling the EP at all shows and via paypal, with all proceeds donated to hurricane relief efforts. here's the tracklist:

1. love will tear us apart (mp3) - joy division
2. gouge away - the pixies
3. true blue - madonna
4. between us & them - moving units
5. the kids are alright - the who
6. seventeen - ladytron
7. go check - ms. john soda
8. girlfriend in a coma - the smiths
9. the house of the rising sun - traditional

please send paypal doations to i_am_estereo at hotmail.com, or just catch a show in your area! suggested donation: $5

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[20 Sep 2005|12:58pm]

photo essay: estereo at starry plough, recording boy tiger

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our next shows are Sept 30th & Oct 1st in Arcata, and Oct 21 in San Francisco!
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[12 Sep 2005|03:37pm]

Wednesday - Harlow's
Thanks SO much to everyone who posted flyers around Sac for the benefit show on Wednesday. I really appreciate it, and so does Clay from concerts4charity.org, who is organizing this whole shebang.

Estereo is slated to go on around 915 - 930ish... right after our dear friend Chelsea Wolfe.

The sets are all very short. We're playing a cover, some new stuff, and some old stuff... any requests for old songs?

I'll be visiting Chico this week, to record a new EP for the lovely Boy Tiger. It will be nice to be on the other end of a microphone for once.

We're playing in Berkeley on Friday, at the Starry Plough... with ex-Stratford 4 kids Love Like Fire!

Arcata/North Bay help?
At the end of this month, I'm heading up north for some all ages solo shows... one of which is in Arcata at the Maverick Lair, on Saturday Oct 1. I am still looking for a small venue (bar/coffee place/house party/etc) to play at on Friday Sept 30 in the Cotati/Santa Rosa/North Bay areas... if you can help, please "holla back", as they say. I guarantee you it will be fun.

under the covers 2
I think we might make another covers EP very soon... this time with songs by Madonna, Bloc Party, Ladytron, the Pixies, The Who, The Animals and more. Just sayin.
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