skip (ex_skip140) wrote in estereo,

so long, goodbye, good night

Yes, it is true - the writing is on the wall. It is time for us to part ways... to end this ride on a high note.

We've accomplished enough to make us happy: we've connected with people in 12 states on 2 coasts, many many cities and a thousand tiny bars & cafes. We are proud to have shared the stage with some truely amazing musicians. We've spoken for those who couldn't speak, we've made you laugh, dance, cry and sing along. We truely hope you've had as much fun as we've had.

Olivia Warnecke (for inspiration), Fruit Lamp Records, Kimberly Chun & SF Bay Gaurdian, Raul Sanchez & Nathan Moomaw, Simone Rubi & the Speisekammer (Alameda), House of Shields (SF), Café DuNord (SF), Deb Zeller & the Make Out Room (SF), Amnesia (SF), Juli in Arcata (for the spaghetti), Jordaan Mason/Shelby Sifers & Oh Map Records, Jon Fojtik, Jake Thomas at SF Indie, Annie & 12 Galaxies (SF), Amoeba Records, Daniela & Kris (for the rehearsal space!), Ashod & Panty Lions/The Ship, Sky & Levator, Diane in Reno, Roger & Cool Waves, Dean & Tomihira (for your enthusiasm),, Kylie & Anthony, Loquat, Fort Oregon (Berkeley), Playing In Fog, Allison Milham/Caldera, Adam & Desa, Damien Jurado, Fake French, Sharon Senser & Ian, Mama Buzz Cafe (Oakland), Jonathan Richman (for teaching us dirty jokes), Bonnie Burton (core!), Ian & Jim Yoshii Pile Up, Hotel Utah (SF), Scissors For Lefty (for getting us our first SF show), Christina Guerra & Alex, KALX (Berkeley), Kristin Cofer (& Bryce), Mates of State, Scott McChane (for your wonderful ears), Kit & Jakki Kohler, Barbara Manning (for the sage advice), Olivia Coelho, Kevin & Allyson Seconds (for believing in us), Radio Cure, Anna & Amanda & Michelle & Stacy (for dancing to every song), Rachel Leibrock & the Sacramento Bee, David Houston, Jay Shaner, Erik & Sarah Hanson, The Cassidys, Jackson Griffith (for understanding us), Red Square (Sacramento), Brian McKenna, Phill Mamula, Le Fun (Sacramento), Amber Kloss (for making us laugh), Becca Costello & the Sac. News & Review, Natalie Gordon, Christopher Fairman, Art Luna, Kali, The Beat Records, Boy Tiger (for everything),, Nice Monster, Mason Lindahl, Ruebi Freyja, Christian Kiefer (for the backhanded compliments), Tower Records, Faster Faster (& Heather), Dusty Brown, Dave Middleteon & Julie Myers, Nick Berry, Blake Hartshorn, Erin Sierchio, Coach Katy, Adam & Danielle Varona (for letting us record an album in your garage), Chelsea Wolfe, Roger @ Lipstick, Sarah Locher (for your sweet sweet cello), Vic, The True Love Coffeehouse (Sacramento), KDVS (Davis), KWOD (Sacramento), KSSU (Sacramento), Eric Fate, Sandra Giarde, Hilary Richardson & Xander (for the cookies), the Underground Café (Roseville), KLSU, Rob & Tammy Mulhearn/Secret Annexe (for the endless endless), Ross Beach & The Hellpets, Jodi Hates The World, Lunas (Sacramento) Moxies (Chico), Café Roma (Davis), The Earl (Atlanta), Mermaid Lounge (New Orleans), The Hi Ho (New Orleans), Daily Grind (Baton Rouge), The Bayou (Baton Rouge, r.i.p.), Serendipity (Redding), The Fat Cat (Modesto), Red Star (Baton Rouge), The Spanish Moon (Baton Rouge), The Skylight Exchange (Chapel Hill), The Towne Lounge (Portland), the Jewelbox Theater (Seattle), RC & the Mainzer Theater (Merced), KCPR, Adam Planche, Joe Judy, Slobot, Jata & The Kenmores, Sam & Noah, Dena Gerbrecht, The Awareness Program, Mitchell Gruich, Vernon Fuscello, The Allums Family, The Mulhearn Family... and anyone who ever bought our little cds, came to our shows, let us crash on their floor, told a friend about us, or played us on their radio show/podcast/home stereo/iPod. Special thanks to anyone we forgot to list. We love you all and will miss you dearly! Laissez les bon temps rouler!
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