skip (ex_skip140) wrote in estereo,

Modesto on Tuesday was interesting. It was just Sonny, Julie and I... so we were trying to play with our dynamics more, which is hard to do in a club with a MegaSuperProSoundSystem 2000. Thanks for having us!

Tonight is Sacramento! We're excited to come back and show ya'll where we've been and where we're headed. Feel free to pick up this week's News & Review; we're the music pick of the week!

Here's the flyer. Feel free to bring a friend!

Mama Buzz, on Telegraph & 23rd. A contact point for the underground arts in Oakland.

Ally (aka Caldera) sets up...

Julie and Van (Port O'Brien) love soundcheck!


we make with the pop music

Rosie, Casio Queen

We had so much fun! Thanks to everyone for coming and helping start our tour thingy off right!

See you out there...
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