skip (ex_skip140) wrote in estereo,

this friday in san francisco

meet a few bands from the FRUIT LAMP roster!

interesting facts:
- hummingbirds can't walk.
- the infamous Li Po Lounge, located at 916 Grant & Washington in Chinatown, is named for an 8th Century Chinese poet.
- some asteroids have other asteroids orbiting them.
- the show is at a bar, but if you arrive between 8 and 9pm, you won't get carded.
- in its ancient form the carrot was purple, not orange.
- FRUIT LAMP will be giving away free sampler cds all night
- most cell phone anntenae have no purpose, other than to make people believe that flipping up a 2-inch attenna will give them better reception. they are not connected to any circuitry.
- Seattle FRUIT LAMPers Levator & Jodi Hates The World will not be in attendance, but you'll hear new music from their upcoming releases.
- what will you find if you shave a tiger of its striped fur? striped skin.
- the show starts around 9ish, and costs $5.
- apples are 25% air.
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