skip (ex_skip140) wrote in estereo,

photo essay: estereo at starry plough, recording boy tiger

friday night at 630pm. if you've ever seen me pack the car for a show/musical outing... you'll see it looks like a dang Saturn commercial.

anyone will tell you that being in a band involves lots & lots of waiting...

and waiting...

finally! soundcheck!

it was a fun show. we hadn't rehearsed... but we were very relaxed and it all just came very easy. the other bands were nice. we sold 3 or 4 cds, and made a few new friends... lovely.

after the show, i hopped back in the car and drove to Chico, to do some recording for Bethany (aka Boy Tiger), who is one of our labelmates on Fruit Lamp Records. this was the first thing i saw when i awoke in my sleeping bag the next day - Bethany's swallow mobile thingy.

we recorded a few songs for her upcoming EP. hopefully i can post some mp3s later, once i've finished mixing.

our next shows are Sept 30th & Oct 1st in Arcata, and Oct 21 in San Francisco!
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